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48/46/40 Pin Circular Knitting Machines

Hey there, fellow knitting enthusiasts! There are a lot of different knitting machines out there and it can get confusing to understand which one is right for you. I want to provide a one stop shop comparison of all the fantastic circular knitting machines that are readily available for you to purchase online from Amazon. I’ll cover the major brands and sizes from Sentro, Addi, Michaels Loops and Threads and the generic off brands of Amazon, there’s a knitting machine for every need and skill level. I’m hoping this provides you the information you need to decide what machine is going to work best for YOUR needs! I rate the with a +, /, or – in each category of SIZE, COST, FUNCTIONALITY, STABILITY, COUNTER, and QUALITY. The ratings mean Great, OK, or Bad to help you understand my BOTTOM LINE when it comes to rating these machines. 

I do not cover the I-cord options in much depth here except for the Addi. In the future I’ll cover the options available for i-Cord knitting machines which are more abundantly available.

32/22 Pin Circular Knitting Machines


Size (+): This brand has several sizes of circular knitting machines available. It ranges from the largest size of the Sentro 48 pin, Sentro 40 pin, Sentro 32 pin to the smaller Sentro 22 pin.  The 48 pin is the largest circular knitting machine that you can find on Amazon currently.

Cost (+): The 48 pin is around $77, the 40 pin is around $53, the 32 pin is $67 and the 22 pin is around $37. These price points are some of the lowest when it comes to circular knitting machines.

Functionality (+): This is quite a versatile machine and of all the ones I am comparing today, it is the largest in terms of number of pins or needles. What this means is, that it provides the largest circumference when making a circular knitted item. When it comes to beanies, this machine will provide the largest width. This is a big benefit, especially if you intend to make beanies with your circular knitting machine. The 48 and 40 pins also offer panel knitting.

Stability (/): This machine does not offer clamps, however, it does have suction cups at the bottom of the legs. These are known to come off the table while cranking. However, this can be remedied if you add tape to keep it from moving while using the machine. 

Yarn (+): Using worsted weight is possible with this machine though, the thicker worsted weight yarns will cause issues. Fingering, sport or DK weight work well on these machines.

Counter (/):  Depending on which model you buy, there may or may not be a row counter. The 48 pin I list here does include a row counter (+) while the 22, 32 and 40 pins do not. You can purchase one separately that is made for the Sentro 48 and 40 and install it onto the machine.

Quality (/): The machines are made of plastic for the most part. The 48 pin is more reliable and of better quality than the other versions of the Sentro. There are noted quality concerns with the 40 pin and the 22 pin Sentro machines. One example is the quality of the handle for the machines that tend to strip during use. These machines are manufactured in China.

Overall I give the 48 pin machine 20/30 points.


Size (+): This brand has three sizes of circular knitting machines available. It ranges from the largest size of the Addi Express King Size 46 pin, the Addi Express Professional 22 pin, to the tiny Addi Egg-Cord 6 pin.  

Cost (-): The 46 pin is around $200, the 22 pin is around $169, and the 6 pin is around $35. These price points are some of the highest when it comes to circular knitting machines.

Functionality (+): The 46 pin is versatile as it can make adult size beanies that fit well. It also has the capability to panel knit allowing for many options when it comes to creating knit items. The 22 pin is perfect for smaller projects to include making amigurumi. The 6 pin’s main function is to knit I-cords.

Stability (+): The 46 pin machine includes 2 clamps and provides the BEST stability of all the knitting  machines. The clamps are specifically made for the legs of this machine and are easy to use. The clamps provide excellent stability for the machine. 

Yarn (+): I have had great experiences using worsted weight and smaller on this machine. I do not get many tucked or dropped stitches with this machine. 

Counter (+): Both the 22 pin and 46 pin have counters included. They are reliable and accurate.

Quality (+): By far these are the best quality circular knitting machines on the market. These machines are of HIGH quality and manufactured in Germany.

Overall I give the 46 pin machine 27/30 points.

For my video review of this machine and to watch a demonstration, please go here.

Michaels Knit Quick Knitting Machine by Loops and Threads

Size (/): This brand has 1  size of circular knitting machines available. It is the 40 pin size.  

Cost (-): The 40 pin machine ranges between $130-$75. I purchased mine at the higher end of $85 but, currently on Amazon it sells for $75.

Functionality (/): The 40 pin machine is too small to knit beanies for adults but, good for young toddlers and younger. It also has the panel option which makes it more versatile with the types of projects you can make.

Stability (-): This machines stands on 4 legs and does not offer any clamp nor suction cups. I have not yet figured out how to keep it from moving other than having to awkwardly use my other hand while holding the tension at the same time. It’s quite inconvenient.

Yarn (-): This machine will NOT take anything larger than a 3 weight yarn. If you, like me, have an enormous supply of worsted weight yarn, then don’t expect to use it on this machine as it will continually drop and tuck your stitches. The yarn that works best on this machine needs to be thinner in order to properly knit on the needles for this machine. Fingering, sport or DK weight work well on these machines.

Counter (-): This machine does not include any counter. You can however, purchase a separate one and try to install it. I have not tried it yet, so I am unsure the compatibility of these row counters and this machine. My solution was to download an app on my phone that you use verbal commands to make note of rows completed in order to keep track of my rows. The reason it’s impractical to use a manual counter with your hands is because the lack of stability on this machine REQUIRES you to use both hands while knitting.

Quality (+): The quality of the machine is actually decent if you use the right weigh yarn. It is very difficult to find the origins of this machine.

Overall I give the 40 pin machine 14/30 points.

For my video review of this machine and to watch a demonstration, please go here.

Off Brands on Amazon

WARNING: I have not tested these off brands but, I did notice with the exception of the Henviro, they have frequent returns on Amazon for these machines. 

My main purpose of listing them on this blog is to let you be aware of other brands out there currently that are most likely not worth your time or money, but, it’s up to what you’re looking for and what would suite your needs the best!

Miaoke 48 Pin

Size: 48 Pin
Cost: $75 (Currently on sale at $60)
Stability: Suction Cups
Counter: Yes
Origin: Made in China
Amazon Rating: 3.9
(Similar to style of Sentro)

Jamit 48 Pin

Size: 48 Pin
Cost: $60 (Currently on sale for $50)
Stability: Clamps
Counter: No
Origin: Made in Hong Kong
Amazon Rating: 1
(Similar to style of Addi)

Zcvtbye 48 Pin

Size: 48 Pin
Cost: $63
Stability: None
Counter: Yes
Origin: Made in Hong Kong
Amazon Rating: 3.9
(Similar to style of Sentro)

Henviro 48 Pin

Size: 48 Pin
Cost: $66
Stability: Suction Cups
Counter: Yes
Origin: Made in China
Amazon Rating: 4.6
(Similar to style of Sentro)

My overall recommendation is to invest in the Addi King Size Express. It is the best quality. The only change I would make to it is to make it a 48 pin machine to give it that tiny bit of extra width on beanies. However, with 46 pins, you can still knit a beanie suitable for an adult. The price is higher than the other machines, BY FAR, but, it is worth it. It’ll save you headaches and FRUSTRATION by getting this higher quality machine. 

My second recommendation is to get the Sentro 48 pin machine. It’s much more affordable and you can create great knit items with this machine.

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