Review of the michaels loops and threads Circular Knitting Machine

by | Jul 16, 2023 | Circular Knitting Machine

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I love yarn. It’s so pretty and soft. I collect so much yarn. More than I have enough time to crochet with. As I was trying to organize my yarn somewhere in my house…hiding it in bags and boxes and eventually buying cube storage and tubs, I realized, There’s not enough time to crochet with all this yarn! So, I bought a circular knitting machine.

Circular knitting machines have revolutionized the world of knitting, offering an array of benefits for both yarn addicts and crafters. I started out as a crocheter and still love that craft but, since buying my circular knitting machines, I’ve really appreciated and now love the art and creativity of knitting.

The Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine is one such tool that promises convenience and efficiency. While the machine provides an opportunity for swift and mesmerizing creations with beautiful yarn, it does pose challenges when it comes to accurately counting rows for large projects. Additionally, working with worsted weight yarn can present difficulties. In this blog post, I will explore the advantages of circular knitting machines and address the challenges and advantages of the Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine.

Efficiency and the Joys of Yarn:

Circular knitting machines offer a remarkable advantage for yarn enthusiasts and hoarders alike. These machines allow for swift and continuous knitting, enabling you to transform your coveted stash of beautiful yarn into stunning creations more efficiently than traditional hand-knitting methods. The speed and smooth operation of circular knitting machines unlock new possibilities for exploring designs and unleashing your creativity.

The Challenge of Row Counting:

Despite the benefits, circular knitting machines like the Michaels Loops and Threads model present challenges when it comes to counting rows for larger projects. For instance, creating long tubes for blankets requires meticulous row counting, often spanning hundreds of rows. Unfortunately, the absence of a built-in row counter in the Michaels machine can make this process more demanding and prone to errors.

Working with Worsted Weight Yarn:

In addition to row counting challenges, using worsted weight yarn in the Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine can be problematic. The machine’s design is better suited for lighter weight yarns such as fingering or sport weight. Thicker worsted weight yarn can lead to difficulties in achieving even tension and often causes the machine to drop and tuck stitches. It is important to consider this limitation when selecting yarn for your projects on this particular machine. This machine does come with these handy clips, they are kind of like chip bag clips, that are helpful for keeping tension down on the yarn to prevent tucked and dropped stitches. Again, this would require the use of your other hand to do properly.

Alternative Solutions for Accurate Row Counting:

To overcome the challenges of row counting, there are various strategies you can employ when using the Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine. Utilizing external counting tools, such row counters either manual or digital, or even a pen and paper, can help you maintain accurate row counts. These aids provide a visual reference and serve as a reliable guide for tracking your progress. It also reduces your efficiency and speed when cranking around! If you’re going with an external one, I’d recommend this one but, it will require you to use another hand. If you want to go with installing a digital counter onto your machine, try this one.

The Lack of Clamps and Yarn Tension:

Another notable challenge with the Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine is the absence of clamps. Without clamps, it becomes necessary to use your other hand to hold down the machine while knitting. This can make it even harder to maintain proper tension on the yarn, which is crucial for achieving consistent and professional-looking results. Additionally, the need to manually hold down the machine while counting rows makes it challenging to keep a manual track of progress, adding further complexity to the row counting process.

Smaller Width of Tube Size:

The Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine, with its 40 pins, offers a more narrow tube size compared to knitting machines like the Addi with 46 pins or the Sentro with 48 pins. This limitation affects the machine’s suitability for knitting items such as hats, as the resulting tube size may be too small for a child to adults head. It’s important to consider the project requirements and desired size when selecting a knitting machine, ensuring that the chosen machine aligns with the intended outcome.

Exploring Alternative Knitting Machines:

If precise row counting is a priority and you prefer to work with worsted weight yarn, exploring alternative knitting machines may be beneficial. Circular knitting machines with a larger pin count, such as the Sentro or Addi models, offer greater versatility and are better suited for working with heavier weight yarns. These machines often come equipped with built-in row counters, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate row tracking.


Circular knitting machines, such as the Michaels Loops and Threads Circular Knitting Machine, offer efficiency and excitement for yarn enthusiasts. However, they present challenges in accurately counting rows, working with worsted weight yarn, and maintaining proper yarn tension due to the absence of clamps. Holding down the machine with one hand, keeping proper tension with another hand, keeping count of your rows, holding the tension down for the yarn, oh, and don’t forget you still have to crank the machine…that’s a lot of hands! By employing external counting tools, buying some clamps and maybe yarn tensioners you could over come these challenges and work with this machine. But, I recommend exploring alternative knitting machines designed for stability and heavier yarn so you can overcome these challenges and enhance your knitting experience. I personally recommend the Addi Express King-size 46 pin machine. I use it for my blankets, hats and other projects. I love it! Embrace the possibilities that circular knitting machines offer, and enjoy the journey of creating beautiful projects with your cherished yarn collection. Happy knitting!

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