Yarn Overload: Creative Solutions for Storing Your Colorful Stash!

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Product Reviews

Crafty Turtle

Calling all fellow yarn enthusiasts and collectors! Raise your skeins high and embrace the joy of being a self-proclaimed yarnaholic. We all know the feeling of having more yarn than time to knit or crochet. But fear not, my dear fiber aficionados, for today we embark on a quest to find the perfect storage solutions for our precious yarn babies. Whether you own a little or a lot, organizing and displaying your yarn stash can be both functional and visually pleasing. So gather your hooks and needles, and let’s dive into a world of colorful storage possibilities!

1. Cube Storage: A Haven for Yarn Lovers:

Let’s start with a classic and versatile option: cube storage. These multi-compartment units are perfect for keeping your yarn tidy and accessible. With various sizes and styles available, you can customize your cube storage to fit your space and personal style. The beauty of cube storage lies in its ability to showcase your yarn collection while keeping it protected from dust and tangles. Arrange your skeins by color, fiber type, or project, and watch as your yarn stash transforms into a work of art. 

2. Clear Plastic Bins: Visibility and Protection:

If you prefer a more streamlined storage approach, consider using clear plastic bins. These containers offer excellent protection against moisture and pests while allowing you to easily see and locate your yarn. Invest in bins with secure lids to ensure that your prized yarn possessions stay safe from any unwanted intruders. Stackable bins also maximize vertical space, making them ideal for smaller homes or apartments.

3. Wall-Mounted Solutions: Yarn as Wall Art:

Why limit yourself to storing yarn only on shelves and in bins? Embrace your inner creativity and transform your yarn stash into a visually stunning wall display. Install a pegboard or a series of hooks on an empty wall and hang your colorful skeins for all to see. Not only does this method provide easy access to your yarn, but it also doubles as an eye-catching piece of wall art. Let your yarn become a focal point in your home, showcasing your love for the craft.

4. Vintage Trunks and Chests: A Touch of Nostalgia:

For those who adore vintage charm, repurposing old trunks and chests can be an excellent storage solution. These sturdy and spacious containers offer a sense of nostalgia while keeping your yarn neatly tucked away. Line the inside of the trunk with acid-free paper to prevent any color transfer and store your yarn in separate bags or compartments. The best part? You can stack them or use them as coffee tables, adding a touch of character to your living space.

5. Hanging Shoe Organizers: An Unconventional Twist:

Who says shoe organizers are only meant for footwear? Hang one behind a door or on a closet rod, and voilà—an instant yarn storage solution. The individual pockets provide perfect compartments for organizing your skeins by color or weight. Plus, the transparent pockets allow for easy visibility, so you’ll never have to dig through piles of yarn again. This creative twist on storage is not only functional but also budget-friendly.

I personally use a combination of clear shoe stackable storage boxes, hanging shoe organizers in the closet, big plastic tubs and cube shelving with bins for my enormous yarn stash! All these are linked here or at the bottom of this post.

Oh, the tangled adventures of a yarn enthusiast! While our yarn stash may grow faster than our knitting or crochet skills, organizing and storing our beloved fibers can be an enjoyable endeavor. From cube storage to wall displays, vintage trunks to hanging shoe organizers, there are countless ways to showcase and preserve our treasured yarn collections. Find the storage solution that resonates with your personal style and space, and watch as your yarn stash becomes a source of inspiration and delight. Remember, every skein tells a story—let yours be beautifully displayed! Happy organizing, fellow yarn enthusiasts!

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