12 AWESOME Gifts for Crochet Creators

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Crochet

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12 Gift ideas for Crochet Enthusiasts

Organize and Upgrade

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who love to crochet in your life, or maybe for yourself as a crochet enthusiast, then this is the place for you!

Having a place to organize your many works in progress (WIPs) and hooks when you’re traveling or even when you’re moving from room to room in your house is really helpful. I’m always toting around my organizer filled with my hook and WIP whether in my house, in a car or on a plane!

Upgrade your crochet experience with nice crochet hooks by Prym. I love my prym hooks as they are ergonomic, feels good to hold and are just great quality which is what I want when crocheting every day.

My husband got me this cute sheep yarn bowl that I’m always using with a ball of yarn. It helps keep my yarn contained and not rolling all over the floor when I’m crocheting.

Using dark yarn or crocheting in the dark can be super challenging. Try out these lighted crochet hooks. They are even rechargeable! Make crochet easier with this lighted crochet set.

My Choice in Project Bag.

It has a large capacity, durable fabric and lots of pockets for organizing your hooks and yarn.

Hook in Style.

These Furls crochet hooks are beautiful and ergonomic. They come in sizes from 10mm down to 4.5 mm and have many colors to choose from.

Yarn Bowl Unicorn and Sheep.

I have both these bowls and love them. They are adorable and functional. I’m always looking for somewhere to hold my yarn bowl to prevent it from rolling around the ground or getting tangled. These yarn bowls help me crochet more efficiently and with less frustration.

Light Up Hooks.

These rechargable crochet hooks light up and have interchangeable heads. The hook sizes range from 2.5mm to 8mm. These hooks make crocheting in the dark or crocheting with black yarn so much easier.

Expand your Crochet Knowledge

If you’re a crocheter looking to expand your knowledge of crochet stitches or tips and techniques these two books are recommended. Or, maybe you have a crochet friend and are thinking of what to gift your crochet friend or family. These books will be great references in your crochet enthusiasts arsenal of crochet knowledge.

Learn New Stitches

This book has 200 essential stitches with step-by-step photos.

Learn New Tips

This sprial bound book teaches crochet techniques and tips and with a 4.6 star with over 8K ratings that’s pretty good!

Problem with TOO MUCH YARN?

I love yarn. And I buy yarn whether or not I have a project in mind. I’ve gotten better with not accumulating too much MORE yarn but, I have quite the stash. Bonus to that is I get to look at my pretty yarn every day in my office, but, I feel pressure to use it all up and quickly. Why? Well because I want to buy more yarn but, feel I need to make some space first! So, if you’re like me and love yarn but, want to use it up quicker, I recommend you get into Knitting Machines. The learning curve is pretty quick and you get to make fun, handmade projects while still playing with yarn. I have a longer review of the different types of knitting machines there are out there to help you decide which works best for you. But, up front, my top two recommendations are the Addi 46 pin for a larger machines and then the Addi 22 pin for a smaller machine. You can find the full review and comparison of the different knitting machines like the Sentro 40 pin, Sentro 48 pin and others here.

Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine (46)
Addi Express Professional 22 pin Knitting Machine (22)
Sentro 40 Pin Knitting Machine
Sentro 40 pin Circular Knitting Machine

Sentro 40 pin Circular Knitting Machine

Sentro 48 Pin Knitting Machine
Sentro 48 pin Circular Knitting Machine

Sentro 48 pin Circular Knitting Machine

Best Yarn for Knitting Machines

If you’ve decided to start using up your yarn stash on your knitting machines (because…well, it uses up the pretty yarn faster than crochet…) then you’ll notice certain yarns work better with the knitting machines. Now, I have 5 different knitting  machines and by far and large, the Addi 22 pin is the most forgiving when it comes to accepting and working with all varieties of #4 worsted weight yarn.  The Addi 46 is the 2nd most forgiving.  Forget about that on the Sentro or Michael’s Loops and Threads Quick Knit knitting machines though! If you have the Sentro 40, Sentro 48 or the loops and threads knitting machine, I recommend these two brands of yarn as the best to work with those more picky machines. I love this yarn can also be found in Hobby Lobby. Great news is, they come in a variety of colors and can often be found in your local hobby stores.

I Love This Yarn

This yarn comes in many color options and can be bought right off Amazon or at your local Hobby Lobby.

Caron Simply Soft

This yarn comes in many color options and can be bought right off Amazon.

Quality Yarn on a Budget

The best thing about being a crocheter is that I have a “good” reason to buy more and more yarn! I love my yarn and I certainly have WAY more than I need. Yarn is fun to shop for and come in a variety of colors, thickness and length. These two I recommend below come in an awesome array of colors! They are both worsted weight or #4 medium weight yarn so I’d recommend a 5mm crochet hook.  The lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn is tough enough for a purse or dishcloth but, soft enough to make a shirt or sweater with. The Lion Brand mandala comes in beautiful colors that are great for a variety of crochet projects to include shawls, cowls, and scarves.

Cotton Yarn

This lion brand yarn 24/7 cotton is a worsted weight yarn and comes in a variety of colors.

Mandala Yarn

Lion Brand also has multiple options when it comes to multicolor yarn they call Mandala Yarn. These are acrylic and worsted weight yarn that are perfect for scarves, hats, blankets and pillows.

Amazon links provided above are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to make a purchase through these links, I may receive a very small commission, without any additional cost to you and your support through these affiliate links contributes to what I bring to you. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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